Tooth whitening

A new teeth whitening system has been introduced in Hymykeskus – QuickWhite! QuickWhite Bleaching utilizes a hydrogen peroxide-based gel that focuses LED light specifically designed for QuickWhite Bleaching. The light accelerates the whitening effect of hydrogen peroxide and achieves a wonderful result! Bleaching is carried out with cold light, which makes the risk of hypersensitivity really low. As a result, the tone of your teeth lightens up to 4-12 degrees.
The QuickWhite method has been studied for a long time in several European countries, such as Britain and Spain. The fast and safe method does not damage the enamel or gums. Bleaching is carried out in one session lasting about 60 minutes.


In intensive whitening, the teeth are treated 3 times with bleach and the result is clearly lighter, natural white teeth. The whole procedure only takes about an hour. Power whitening whitens teeth by an average of 4-12 degrees, however, the end result is always unique.


The teeth are treated with bleach once and the procedure takes about 30 minutes. Light whitening brightens the color of your teeth and is perfect for maintaining the result of power whitening. Light whitening whitens teeth by an average of 1-4 degrees, however, the end result is always unique.


Basically, teeth whitening is done for a clean and healthy mouth. Tartar, as well as superficial stains, is important to clean before bleaching for best results. Inflammation and teeth that require patching should also be treated first. Before the procedure, our oral hygienist conducts an oral health check to see if these things are okay.


Do not use dark / coloring beverages and foods such as coffee, tea, red wine, soy sauce, tomato, paprika, licorice, salmiak, chocolate, blueberries, curry and cola drinks.
Do not smoke tobacco / cigars, or use other tobacco products.
Do not use colored toothpaste.